ORF information
ORF ID TF00495 (frame 1) Gene ID BP3788
Position and sequences 3991435...3991743(102 aa) Gene Name/synonym ptlA -
Organism Bordetella pertussis Tohama I Cluster 9 genes
Product Type IV secretion system protein PtlA
1stcategory P-T4SS 2ndcategory VirB2/TrbC Family
3rdcategory Effector translocator
Function Component of the type IV secretion system ptl required for secretion of assembled pertussis toxin (PTX) through the outer membrane.
Miscellaneus Cotranscribed with ptxABCDE. Activated by the two-component regulatory system bvgS/bvgA
References PubMed:8606119  PubMed:9393726  PubMed:10518754  PubMed:15322034 

Functional Annotation
  KEGG database
Organism B.parapertussis Gene entry BPP4309
Gene name ptlA Synonyms
Definition pertussis toxin transport protein
Class Genetic Information Processing; Sorting and Degradation; Type IV secretion system [PATH:bpa03080]
Classification Sorting and Degradation
DBLinks GeneDB BPP4309 GeneID 1665675 GI 33598793 UniProt Q7W2U5
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Blast results (KEGG)
B.parapertussis :  BlastP (output)
Score Expect Query coverage Subject coverage
195 2e-49 100.0000 100.0000
InterPro No results found !
GO (Gene Onthology)
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Blast Results (Swiss-Prot)
Score Expect Coverage Query Coverage Subject Accesion Number Product (Click to view blast result)
195.0000 4e-50 100.0000 100.0000 Q45390 Type IV secretion system protein ptlA precursor (Pertussis toxin liberation protein A)


Protein localization analysis
Psort bacterial inner membrane-0.3060-Affirmative (output)