ORF information
ORF ID TF00286 (frame 1) Gene ID bll8285
Position and sequences 9073496...9075934(812 aa) Gene Name/synonym trbE -
Organism Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA 110 Cluster 68 genes
Product Conjugal transfer protein TrbE homolog
1stcategory P-T4SS 2ndcategory VirB4/TrbE/CagE Family
3rdcategory Unknown

Functional Annotation
  KEGG database
Organism B.japonicum Gene entry bll8285
Gene name trbE Synonyms
Definition probable conjugal transfer protein
Class Genetic Information Processing; Sorting and Degradation; Type IV secretion system [PATH:bja03080]
Classification Sorting and Degradation
DBLinks GeneID 1048114 GI 27383396 Kazusa bll8285 UniProt Q89B80
  COG Clusters of Orthologous Groups of proteins
Gene Classification Coords (size) Product
U 4 .. 806 (803) Type IV secretory pathway, VirB4 components

Blast results (KEGG)
B.japonicum :  BlastP (output)
Score Expect Query coverage Subject coverage
1616 0.0 100.0000 100.0000

Evidence ID Name Loci start-end InterPro ID InterPro Name
BlastProDom PD013127 PD013127 [ 0 - 127 ] NULL NULL
FPrintScan PR01415 ANKYRIN [ 0 - 440 ] IPR002110 Ankyrin
FPrintScan PR01415 ANKYRIN [ 0 - 782 ] IPR002110 Ankyrin
GO (Gene Onthology)
GO No results found !

Blast Results (Swiss-Prot)
Score Expect Coverage Query Coverage Subject Accesion Number Product (Click to view blast result)
554.0000 e-157 98.8916 100.9756 P54910 Conjugal transfer protein trbE precursor


Protein localization analysis
Psort (output)