ORF information
ORF ID TF02152 (frame 1) Gene ID STY4569
Position and sequences 4447122...4448021(299 aa) Gene Name/synonym tfc13 -
Organism Salmonella typhi Cluster 12 genes
Product Conjugal transfer protein Tfc13 homolog
1stcategory GI-T4SS 2ndcategory Integr_conj_element_PFL4704 Family
3rdcategory Unknown
Function Encoded on the Salmonella pathogenicity island 7 (SPI-7), which is a 134-kbp genomic island that is situated between two partially copied tRNApheU genes on the chromosome of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi.
References PubMed:18390666 

Functional Annotation
  KEGG database
Organism S.enterica_Paratyphi Gene entry SPC_4425
Gene name Synonyms
Definition hypothetical protein
Classification Unassigned
DBLinks GeneID 7556996 GI 224586120 Pfam DUF3438 UniProt C0Q5D1
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Blast results (KEGG)
S.enterica_Paratyphi :  BlastP (output)
Score Expect Query coverage Subject coverage
587 e-166 100.0000 100.0000
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GO (Gene Onthology)
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Blast Results (Swiss-Prot)
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Protein localization analysis
Psort bacterial inner membrane-0.2211-Affirmative (output)