ORF information
ORF ID TF02011 (frame 1) Gene ID OTBS_0953
Position and sequences 924051...926504(817 aa) Gene Name/synonym avhB4 -
Organism Orientia tsutsugamushi str. Boryong Cluster 5 genes
Product Type IV secretion system protein VirB4-2 homolog
1stcategory P-T4SS 2ndcategory VirB4/TrbE/CagE Family
3rdcategory Unknown
Function VirB4-2 specific substitutions alter critical residues in the NTP-binding cleft, which is essential for the function of a T4SS ATPase.Functions in DNA uptake and release and/or conjugation cannot be ruled out.
Miscellaneus Several virB and virD4 genes of O. tsutsugamushi were transcriptionally active in cultured fibroblast and macrophage cell lines as well as in experimentally infected animals. This finding suggests that the T4SS may function in Orientia and may have a significant role in pathogenesis of scrub typhus.
References PubMed:17483455  PubMed:21458586 

Functional Annotation
  KEGG database
Organism O.tsutsugamushi Gene entry OTBS_0953
Gene name virB Synonyms 4-2
Definition virB4 protein precursor
Classification Unassigned
DBLinks GeneID 5219540 GI 148284540 Pfam CagE_TrbE_VirB UniProt A5CDP7
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Blast results (KEGG)
O.tsutsugamushi :  BlastP (output)
Score Expect Query coverage Subject coverage
1641 0.0 100.0000 100.0000
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GO (Gene Onthology)
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Blast Results (Swiss-Prot)
Score Expect Coverage Query Coverage Subject Accesion Number Product (Click to view blast result)
192.0000 5e-48 97.5520 104.0816 Q9R2W4 RecName: Full=Type IV secretion system protein virB4


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