ORF information
ORF ID TF01726 (frame 1) Gene ID lpg0448
Position and sequences 485397...485681(94 aa) Gene Name/synonym icmM /dotJ
Organism Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila str. Philadelphia 1 Cluster 3 genes
Product Type IV secretion system protein IcmM/DotJ
1stcategory I-T4SS 2ndcategory Uncharacterized Protein Family IcmM/DotJ
3rdcategory Effector translocator
Function Component of the type IV secretion system Dot/Icm that is required for intracellular growth in human macrophages and amoebae. IcmM/DotJ is completely required for intracellular growth.
Miscellaneus IcmM/DotJ is an inner membrane protein.
References PubMed:17040490  PubMed:15271914  PubMed:15003709  PubMed:14715899  PubMed:12081952  PubMed:10225863  PubMed:9488381  PubMed:9465074 

Functional Annotation
  KEGG database
Organism L.pneumophila Gene entry lpg0448
Gene name icmM Synonyms
Definition IcmM (DotJ)
Classification Unassigned
DBLinks GeneID 3079712 GI 52840693 UniProt Q5ZYC4
COG No results found !

Blast results (KEGG)
L.pneumophila :  BlastP (output)
Score Expect Query coverage Subject coverage
196 2e-49 100.0000 100.0000

Evidence ID Name Loci start-end InterPro ID InterPro Name
ProfileScan PS51257 PROKAR_LIPOPROTEIN [ 0 - 35 ] NULL NULL
GO (Gene Onthology)
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Blast Results (Swiss-Prot)
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Protein localization analysis
Psort bacterial inner membrane-0.2466-Affirmative (output)